Everybody can take a flight to Paraguay, without restrictions, foreigners and Paraguayan citizens, residents as well. Let’s take a look at the quarantine and other important and practical information.

Do I have to make the Covid-19 test to be able to leave Paraguay?

No, it is not a requirement at the airlines to show the test result before the flight. However, you must have a negative test result if the country of your destination asks for it. (For example, Brazil, México, USA, and the Dominican Republic do not require test result)

What kind of quarantine and requisites do I have to pass to be able to enter in Paraguay?

All Paraguayans and residents of the country have two options:

  1. 14 days quarantine at home
  2. Pass a PCR-RT test maximum of 72 hours before your flight, stay more seven days in quarantine at home and pass a second test in seven days upon your arrival and if it’s negative, you are free.

If you are a foreigner and wish to visit Paraguay:

  • If you stay less than seven days, you have to pass a PCR-RT test in a maximum of 72 hours before your flight and a second one on the day you enter the country, if your test is negative, you don’t have to stay in quarantine.
  • If you wish to stay for more than seven days, you have to do precisely as the residents and citizens of Paraguay. You can use private properties or hotels as quarantine.

(All not resident foreigner must have international travel insurance, which covers all costs in the case of coronavirus and must be valid until they leave the country. 

All passengers must fill the following form: 


 Countries with open frontiers:

Ecuador, Brasil, Mexico, Republic of Dominica, USA, Panama

Countries with open frontiers but restrictions: 

Peru: Negative test, in 92 hours before the flight. Enter your data in CheckMig (Migrations of Columbia), download the “coronapp” and sign in with the data of your health.

Bolivia: PCR negative test, max 72 hours before the flight

Countries opened only for their citizens and residents:

Chile, Uruguay, EU

Countries with closed borders: Argentina


Do you want to become a permanent resident, later citizen of Paraguay? Contact us here for the detailed information!