Paraguay Residency By Investment Program – Registration as Investor in Paraguay

The Paraguay Residency by Investment Program is the most affordable South American investor’s immigration solution. The necessary amount of investment is 70,000 USD and you have ten years to spend it on your business or investment project. The investor must finance his/her project after arriving in Paraguay. First of all the applicant receives the Paraguay investment visa to be able to entry in Paraguay, the next steps are the company forming and the application for the permanent residence permit.

Important: this is not the ordinary Paraguay Permanent Residence Permit Program. Citizens of visa-exempted countries (EU, USA, Canada, etc.) can easily obtain permanent residence permits without investment! Please read all information here! However:

  • if you need a visa to enter Paraguay, or
  • you want to become a permanent resident without becoming first a temporary resident

Then, registering as an investor will help you start and finish the process fast. This investor program leads to citizenship, but it is a residency and not a citizenship-by-investment program. Permanent Residents of Paraguay can apply for citizenship status after three years, but the naturalization process takes approximately one and a half more years.

So, practically, you must do any business in Paraguay. It’s not a real residency by investment program but an entrepreneur immigration scheme. The basis of the program is the registration of a company and not to invest. The 70,000 USD is the amount which is enough to start and do something small in ten years, like a restaurant, bar or shop. Paraguay is a welcoming country, so this amount is not high; we don’t expect you to buy something or give it to the state as a donation. However, since 2024 you must deposit the investment amount on your company account before becoming a permanent resident.
The schedule:
  1. We get you the invitation letter
  2. You receive the visa and come to Paraguay
  3. We register your company and open the company account
  4. You become a permanent resident
  5. You receive your ID card
  6. You do your business to have enough money to live.

What are the advantages of the Paraguay Residency by Investment Program?

  • It is the fastest way to receive the Permanent Resident Permit of Paraguay
  • This program has the lowest necessary investment amount of all residency by investment programs!
  • The investor must register first and start to spend the investment amount only after the arrival in Paraguay.
  • The investor can invest literally in any business! There are no qualifying requisites. However, the project should create enough profit to survive and to be able to create jobs in the future.

Which Paraguayan Authority is responsible for registering as an investor in Paraguay to obtain the Paraguay Investment Visa and the Permanent Residence Permit?

OFFICE OF SUACE: Unified System of Opening and Closing Companies of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

As a second option to carry out the procedures of residence is the Office SUACE, which the National Government created to provide greater agility and fasten the immigration process for investors who claim to be residents. This public office is under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and works jointly with the Immigration Office.

Process of registration as an investor in Paraguay

Before applying for residency, applicants must register in the Unified System of Opening and Closing Companies (SUACE). They must submit the authenticated copy by a Public Notary of the following documents:

  • Identity Document or Passport,
  • Certificate of Criminal from the country of the client,
  • Interpol Certificate and
  • Proof of entry to the country.
  • proof of the deposit of the investment amount in a local bank

Paraguay Residency by Investment ProgramWe fill in the application form for the request of proof of foreign investor provided by SUACE.
Affidavit of commitment to open a company before SUACE, with a certification of signatures by a Public Notary.
Profile of the investment project signed by all enterprise partners (My local partner will assist you in drafting the document to follow the required parameters).

After applying for registration as a foreign investor in SUACE, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce is responsible for issuing the registration certificate within 8 business days.

Process of obtaining the Permanent Residence Permit through the Paraguay Residency by Investment Program

Application for residence through SUACE:
Once received the certificate of the foreign investor, he/she must request for the resident status before the same office.

Necessary documents for the permanent residence in Paraguay for investors

A) Valid Passport
B) Certificate of clean Criminal Background issued by the country of your citizenship or previous residency.
C) Certificate of Birth.
D) Certificate of Marriage or Divorce. In the case that both are single, documentation will not be necessary to prove the single civil status.

Important: The documents b), c) and d) must be duly legalized by the Paraguayan Consulate in the country of the client or other nearer Paraguayan Consulate from the place of living of the investor.

The advantage of the application for residence through SUACE is that the applicants will no longer need to make the guarantee deposit of Gs. 24,560,000 (twenty-four million and five hundred sixty thousand Guaranis) or USD 4300, to demonstrate solvency because they are registered investors.

The SUACE must issue the Paraguayan permanent residence permit and the certificate of filing within 20 working days following the submission of the application.

The necessary number of days required to carry out paperwork:

Suppose the investor chooses the Paraguay Residency by Investment Program as an investor. In that case, we remind that for the application of the registration in the SUACE, we need the investor’s minimum availability for two business days to obtain the documents required for registration. Also, for the procedures of the request of residence, we need a minimum availability of three working days, according to the schedules of public offices.

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