Do you want to retire in a beautiful, secure and affordable country? The Paraguay retirement program offers permanent resident status to retired people through the fast-track permanent residency program; you only must prove that you receive a pension.

The minimum amount of qualifying pension is monthly 8.434.000 guaranís (app. 1,200 EUR or 1,300 USD).

Above all, your foreign-sourced pension is tax-exempt in Paraguay

Paraguay is a charming and secure country in South America, where the weather is perfect, and the cost of living is low. Moreover, the modern healthcare system and excellent private hospitals offer their affordable services.

For a couple, the most expensive healthcare plan’s monthly cost is approximately one million guaranís. The full coverage under the most costly policy costs around 150 EUR or 155 USD. Moreover, you can rent a house in the centre of Asuncion for 300 USD (3 bedrooms, beautiful garden, pool.)

Who can apply for the Paraguayan Pension Based (Retirement) Permanent Residency Program?

We can support the application of those clients, who can enter Paraguay without a visa or they can pick up one upon arrival. In conclusion, it means that we can’t provide this service for the citizens of China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, etc. If you need an invitation letter to obtain a visit-visa, then we offer the SUACE residency by investment program.)

The process of obtaining the permanent residence permit and ID card (cédula) of Paraguay includes two separate stages:

  1. application for the Permanent Residence Permit
  2. application for the ID card

In Paraguay, the essential document is the cédula, the ID card. You will use it during your everyday activities. It guarantees almost the same rights for you as for the citizens. (Except for some particular issues, the right to vote or you need a permit to purchase land close to the borders, etc.)

Necessary documents for the Paraguay Pension Based Permanent Residency Program

(all Apostilled and translated to Spanish with an official translater)

  • Birth certificate
  • Clean police certificate
  • Certificate of marriage or divorce (if it applies)
  • Proof of retirement, mentioning the amount received monthly*
  • Passport

* Any document or statement stating the amount of the pension received as retirement will be considered valid.

The following documents we must obtain together to apply for the Paraguay Retirement Program:

  • Medical certificate (must be issued in Paraguay)
  • Certificate of life and residence permit (from Paraguay)
  • Affidavit (must be issued in Paraguay)
  • Document issued by the National Police, Identifications Department of Paraguay

The total cost of Paraguay Pension Based (Retirement) Permanent Residency Program

The following amounts represent the full cost, no hidden or extra charges if you arrive with well-prepared documents. However, if there are any unexpected issues with the necessary documents, there can be additional official costs (Consular fees for extra validations).

Paraguayan Permanent Residence Permit: 1,800 EUR*

(Interpol/National/Municipal police certificates, notary, application, affidavit, medical check, legal and agency fees)

Paraguayan ID card (Cédula): 750 EUR

(Interpol/National police certificate – Foreigner’s registration card, notary, application, legal and agency fees)

Official fees and taxes: 800 EUR

(Application fees, taxes, notary fees, Interpol/National/Municipal police check and the issue of certificate fees)

Family members: Paraguay Permanent Residence Permit +ID Card: 1,700 EUR + 800 EUR Official fees and taxes

*We accept payments in any major currencies.


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Step by Step Process of the Paraguay Pension Based (Retirement) Permanent Residency Program

  1. Preparation and validation of the necessary documents
  2. travel to Paraguay
  3. Application for the Permanent Residence Permit (5 working days)
  4. You can wait for the permanent Residence permit (app three months), or you can leave a PoA, and we pick up the card and send it to you.
  5. You have six months to apply personally for the ID card (cédula)
  6. Application for the ID card (cédula)
  7. You can wait for the ID card, or you can leave a PoA we pick up the card and send it to you.

The legal background of the Paraguay Pension Based (Retirement) Permanent Residency Program

Retired people qualify for the Paraguay Permanent Residency Program, without depositing Gs. 29.519.000 as proof of solvency. You can find here the official information from the Migrations about the Paraguay Retirement Program’s requisites.