The most straightforward and affordable solution to move from Hong Kong is undoubtedly the Paraguay Residency by Investment Program.  As China has no diplomatic relations with Paraguay, citizens of Hong Kong will have a secure future in the South American country.

Paraguay has a large Asian community, mainly immigrants from South Korea and Taiwan. As Paraguay is one of those rare countries who support the independence of Taiwan, there are no diplomatic relations with mainland China. 

How can you get a Paraguay residence permit from Hong Kong?

Paraguay accepts small and middle investors from Hong Kong. The well-known SUACE residency by Investment scheme allows applicants to move from Hong Kong and become permanent residents of Paraguay in exchange for a small investment. The minimum amount is 70,000 USD to spend on your business during ten years. You don’t have to show that you have the necessary amount in Hong Kong in exchange for the Paraguayan ID card. Moreover, you don’t have to bring your wealth to Paraguay from Hong Kong before you receive the permanent residence permit and the Paraguayan ID card. 

What are the advantages of the Paraguayan resident status for applicants from Hong Kong?

  • Paraguay is a safe and secure country, without problems with any other nations.
  • In Paraguay, foreign-sourced income is tax-exempt.
  • Paraguay offers generous tax incentives as the Free Trade Zones and the Maquila re-export scheme among others.
  • You can become a citizen of Paraguay three years after you became a permanent resident and receive the Paraguayan passport.
  • Paraguay is an E-2 country, so you can even move in the United States after becoming a Paraguayan citizen. 
  • Paraguay is an affordable country; you can check the prices here

How to apply for the permanent residency of Paraguay to move from Hong Kong? 

The process of obtaining the permanent residency of Paraguay is the following:

  1. First, our immigration attorneys register an invitation letter for you at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Asunción.
  2. Then you have to visit an Embassy or Consulate of Paraguay for the visa interview (just identification) to obtain the investors’ entry-visa and come to Paraguay.
  3. In Paraguay, we hold your hand through the short immigration process and help you to form your local company for the project we created together for your business activities in our beautiful country.
  4. Receiving the permanent resident permit will take more or less 1,5 months, and then we can apply for the ID card, that is the document you will use most.

Is Paraguay permanent residency good for the secure future of a Hong Kong family? 

Yes, of course. You and your family members can become permanent residents and later citizens in Paraguay. You can also maintain your resident status if you don’t lose the connection with Paraguay for three years. If you don’t want to live now in Paraguay just prepare a route to escape if history works against you, then we offer additional services to be able to maintain your resident status in Paraguay, and we help you to have all the necessary and always documents to prove your legal status in the Mercosur member state. 

How can you start your process to become a permanent resident of Paraguay?

Click here and send us a message. We can set up a WhatsApp chat or use other channels to go through the details, and I send you the contract to start.