The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates announced that the UAE nationals could make visa-free visits to the Republic of Paraguay. It means that they can obtain the permanent residence permit of Paraguay through the simple and straightforward way.

Citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can buy entry visa upon arriving at the Paraguay territories, with the possibility of staying for up to one month after paying a fee of 100 USD.

Advantages of the Permanent Resident Status in Paraguay for UAE citizens

  • The freedom of travel in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay (Mercosur countries) with your ID card
  • No tax on foreign sourced income
  • Paraguay is a secure country and develops quickly
  • Several tax incentives for entrepreneurs
  • Living in Paraguay is affordable
  • Good and affordable health care
  • Excellent schools and education
  • Quality of life for expats and residents is high
  • Paraguay is a tropical country

After obtaining the entry visa, you can start your immigration process, through the Simple Paraguayan Residency Permit Program. Click here for all the detailed information or send me an email to for our brochure.

We are here to prepare you and hold your hand through the whole process until you receive the permanent residence permit and the ID card.

Necessary documents for UAE citizens for the Paraguayan immigration process

  • Birth certificate
  • Clean police certificate
  • Certificate of marriage or divorce (if applies)
  • Copy of Passport
  • You must prove your solvency through the deposit of app 5000 USD (depends on the daily exchange rates) on account of the Immigration Office in the National Bank during the process (after three months you can withdraw the amount).

All documents must be validated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE and by the closest Embassy of Paraguay as well. Until Paraguay opens the Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, our clients usually validate their documents by mail with the Embassies in Qatar, Lebanon or Egypt.

The time frame of becoming a Paraguayan permanent resident

The application process for the Paraguayan Permanent Residence Permit takes five working days. The Immigration Office will issue the permit in three months. Then the resident must once more be present personally to apply for the ID card.

If you would like to invest in Paraguay, start a business or purchase real estate, then you can qualify for the Paraguayan Residency by Investment Programme through the company formation (SUACE) option as well. The minimum amount of investment is 70,000 USD. The main advantage of the program is that you can receive your permit in 15 working days.

You can become a Paraguayan citizen and obtain the Paraguayan passport after living three years in the country. There is no Paraguayan citizenship by investment programme, please be careful with online sources, without a real presence in Paraguay!

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