How to survive the Covid-19 quarantine on a tropical island? Tropical Island Coronavirus Quarantines – Locked up on Tropical Paradise Islands in Thailand and Paraguay – Ko Libong and Isla Bonita Chaco’í 

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My second podcast episode is a cruel story for those visitors of, who have to pass the coronavirus quarantine at home without your tropical beach with palm trees. Meanwhile, I spend the time in Lisbon two of my friends got stranded on the most beautiful tropical islands on the opposite sides of the Earth. 

Usually, I provide information on immigration programs and taxation, but real surviving situations on tropical islands look more realistic now. And more exciting than my everyday job of marketing the different residency and citizenship by investment programs.

So, two friends of mine are quarantined on tropical islands; one of them in Thailand (Ko Libong, Andaman Sea) the other is in Paraguay (Puerto Danubio Isla Bonita Chaco’í/Concepcion). Both of them are adventurous men, with experience in living in tropical jungles and more than exotic countries. 

The guests from Thailand and Paraguay

Gábor Teveli is taking care of his two beautiful little daughters, and in his onshore civil life, he is one of the best photographers I’ve ever known, and I know some. 

Meanwhile, our other guest, Tom, is protecting our deserted island on the Rio Paraguay, and he is a professional maritime captain. Yes, this episode is a more than exciting issue for me as we own a tropical island. However, instead of feeding my beloved caymans, I am stuck in a European quarantine. 

I asked the two gentlemen about their experiences. Let us know about the practical side of how to survive the quarantine on a tropical island. 

Questions about the Tropical Island Coronavirus Quarantine in the podcast

  1. How did you get to the island? Let’s listen first how Gabor arrived on his tropical quarantine survival island. 
  2. And now I asked Tamás, the same question, how did he manage to reach the Danubio Island?
  3. Tell us a little bit more about the island? First from Thailand. And how is our beautiful Danubio island in Paraguay?
  4. After more than a month in quarantine, was it a good idea?
  5. Is it a Mad Max type lifestyle or something special? I hope not in Thailand, because Gabor, as I mentioned, is taking care of his daughters.
  6. Do you use any survival skills, or did you learn new crafts? 
  7. Is it a good idea to spend your quarantine days on a tropical island? 
  8. After the quarantine, would you like to move on an island like that or do you prefer civilisation? 
  9. What is your best advice for someone who gets in the same situation as you?

I hope you like the second episode of the Tucano podcast. Many thanks to our guests for their participation. Thank you very much for listening to my podcast.

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