The General Directorate of Migrations announced that foreigners who are outside Paraguay could start their temporary and permanent residency (settlement) procedures under the Legal Representation Regime from abroad.

The new regulation to get Paraguay permanent residency from abroad

This new “Legal Representation Regime” allows the foreigners who can’t enter Paraguay because of the coronavirus pandemics to apply for the Paraguayan Permanent Residence permit from abroad because the border is still closed (10/8/2020).

This strategy of admission of files enables for the temporary and permanent residency of foreign citizens of any nationality. 

As well as for temporary and permanent residency under the Mercosur residence agreement for citizens of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, they all may apply through the new system.

However, the General Directorate of Migration clarifies that, after the reopening of national borders in Paraguay, the applicant who applied under this modality will have a period of up to 6 (six) months to enter the country and attach the requirements processed in Paraguay (to finalise the process of the requested filing). 

Likewise, the Directorate emphasises that the admission of the documents at the Migration Directorate does not presuppose the granting of the Paraguayan permanent resident status.

How can you become a permanent resident of Paraguay from abroad?

According to the official announcement, we (as a local and registered legal service provider) can support your application from abroad. In conclusion, we will need already authenticated (Apostilled or validated by the Embassy) and translated documents, or we can translate the documents if those are not in English, Spanish or Portuguese

Which documents will you need to send us to become a permanent resident of Paraguay from abroad?

  • Special Power of Attorney (it is the Legal Representation Regime, original)
  • Birth certificate (original or authenticated copy)
  • Clean police certificate (original)
  • Certificate of marriage or divorce (if it applies) (original or authenticated copy)
  • Passport (authenticated copy)
  • 6 Photos (original)
  • Medical certificate (original)
  1. All documents must have Apostille stamp or the authentication stamp of the Paraguayan Embassy. 
  2. All documents must be translated officially to Spanish. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may require the translation of the documents again or authenticate it with an official translator (additional cost). 

What are the practical steps of the application from abroad for the Paraguay Permanent residence permit?

  1. We must know you, and we would like to tell you all the vital information about Paraguay and our services, so we must set up a consultation.
  2. We sign the contract, and you transfer the official fees and our legal fees.
  3. You collect the necessary documents and start the authentication and translation processes (we help for sure, you will need our assistance)
  4. You send the documents
  5. You transfer the amount of deposit to the National Bank (this part is still uncertain 15/08/2020, perhaps your presence is required.
  6. We submit the certificates at the Migrations Directorate
  7. You have six months to come in Paraguay and apply to obtain the Interpol certificate (biometrics), and apply for the permanent residency permit of Paraguay 
  8. The Directorate issues your Paraguay Permanent Residence Permit, and we can pick it up with a Power of Attorney
  9. You have an additional six months to come back and apply for the ID card (biometrics)
  10. The Identification Department issues your ID card.

(In Paraguay, the essential and useful document is the ID card. You will need the permanent residence permit card to be able to apply for the cédula- ID card).

What is the main difference between the original and the new system?

The most crucial issue is that we start the process before the client arrives and we save for you a lot of time and red tape. 

Deposit or other options to prove your solvency

The immigration law acknowledges different options for the applicants to prove their solvency. Summarising, our clients usually use one of the following options:

  • Deposit Gs. 29.519.000 (minimum salary for 350 days) in the National Bank. 
  • Purchase or rent ten hectares of land
  • Naturalisation of university degrees
  • Pension from abroad

How can you become a citizen of Paraguay? 

You must live three years in Paraguay (183+days/year) to qualify for the citizenship of Paraguay. Please, note that you can read all information about the naturalisation process of Paraguay by clicking here

Is it a new Paraguay Permanent Residency Program?

No, it just simplified the preparation of the documents and fastened significantly the application process.

Do you want to become a permanent resident in Paraguay? Contact us, and I send you our guides and contracts.

Does the new regime apply for the citizens of India, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Bangladesh, etc.?

We don’t know yet. According to the official information, it does not include a more simple visa process for the citizens of the countries mentioned above. Moreover, until the border does not open, (or the Ministry does not announce the date), we can’t even register invitation letters. 


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From the day when the online scammers will notice the chance, they will try to steal your money with the promise of becoming a permanent resident of Paraguay through an entirely online process. Meanwhile, at least two times you will have to be present to provide your biometric data. Please, always cross-check the source of information at the official site of the Migration Directorate of Paraguay (in Spanish)

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