Students, who wish to study in Paraguay should apply for temporary residence with our help. Paraguay’s public and private universities are offering affordable tuition fees for the international students. The average cost of master studies provided by the more than 50 private universities of Paraguay is only USD 3,900. You can apply for Paraguay Student Visa through

Paraguayan temporary residence permit for students

It is granted for two years and may be renewable. The necessary documents of the country of origin to be presented for the Paraguayan temporary student residence permit are:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate with Apostille
  • Police record certificate, with Apostille
  • Certificate of Marriage or Divorce, with Apostille, if the applicant is married

If the applicant intends to conduct university studies: must present their certificate of studies and title of the High School, with the Apostille validation.

If the applicant intends to carry out its primary or secondary school studies: their parents or guardians must sign an Affidavit of Support Declaration, before a local notary public.

Other, necessary documents for the process obtaining a student visa in Paraguay

Other documents must be obtained from local government offices in Paraguay, which achieved immediately upon arrival at the country of the applicant.

Tax Rate: USD 210,00

Why Paraguay’s universities became so popular?

In Paraguay the university cost is affordable. According to a report of the Fox News Latino, “Paraguay became a magnet for grad students,” mainly from Brazil and Angola. Due to the rising standards of the tertiary education, more and more European student chose Paraguay to study.

The affordable tuition cost allows the international students to obtain their graduation without student loan or significant investment. The cost of living for students is friendly compared with other similar education hubs.

Warning: Before you apply to a college or university in Paraguay, check its accreditation at the “La Agencia Nacional de Evaluación y Acreditación de la Educación Superior (ANEAES).”

List of public and private universities of Paraguay

If you want to study in Paraguay as an international student and you need a visa, contact me here.

All necessary information about obtaining the Permanent Residence Permit of Paraguay here!