Does it still worth becoming a permanent resident in Paraguay? What about the citizenship and the different processes of obtaining the ID card of Paraguay in 2022? All the actual knowledge about becoming a Paraguayan permanent resident. 

Can I become a permanent resident in Paraguay in 2022?

Yes, nothing changed relating to Paraguay’s permanent resident status applications. Only the governmental fees increased, and the time frames crashed thanks to the Covid. 

If you want to live in Paraguay, you are welcome. If you wish to plan your taxes as a Paraguay resident, yes, it’s still possible. The global tax compliance rules are constantly tightening, and Paraguay is among the last affordable solutions for the not very rich people, including more and more digital nomads. 

In 2022, Paraguay offers the best tax residency solution for digital nomads who want to resolve their tax compliance issues in the long term. 

The structure is straightforward, you become a permanent resident, obtain the ID card and the tax number, which means self-employed status. Then you are free to travel; your foreign-sourced and not remitted income is tax-exempt in Paraguay. You just have to maintain your position by:

  • having a residential address
  • file the monthly VAT report
  • visit Paraguay once three every year. 

The positive issue is that citizens of the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can enter Paraguay visa-free. However, this issue created the most backward situation. If you are a US, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand citizen, please pick up your visa at the airport because the tourist entry stamp in your passport does not allow you to apply for settled status in Paraguay. 

What about the citizens of the developing countries?

Most African and Asian* applicants still need an invitation letter to enter Paraguay. It means that the straightforward way for them is to become investors and apply through the SUACE residency by investment scheme. 

*except for Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, UAE, etc.

Interestingly, suppose your goal is to do business in or from Paraguay. In that case, the SUACE program is the fastest way to become an ID cardholder of Paraguay and have a registered company. The objective of the SUACE program is to maintain sustainable businesses of foreign owners and create jobs and taxes.   

I wrote several posts about how Indian, Chines, or Pakistani citizens can become permanent residents in Paraguay. 

What about the time frames of becoming a permanent resident of Paraguay? 

Covid created an unpredictable legal environment regarding immigration processes in Paraguay and globally. Now your case’s processing time in Paraguay is between 1,5 months and eternity, depending on your financial contribution. The same applies to the ID process. 

Antivaxers paradise

During the last four months of 2021, thousands of immigrants)mainly Germans) arrived to settle because they were afraid of the mandatory vaccination. Interestingly, the government did not find this issue attractive, so everybody needs a vaccination certificate to enter Paraguay. We don’t judge your opinion about Covid-19, just sharing the news. 

What are the requirements for becoming a permanent resident of Paraguay in 2022?

The most important is always to prepare your documents well. Original copies Apostilled or verified by a Paraguayan Embassy. 

You will need:

  • birth certificate
  • clean police certificate
  • certificate of marriage or divorce (if applies)

We obtain the rest of the necessary documents with you in Paraguay. 

How to prove your solvency during the Paraguayan immigration process in 2022?

Solvency means that you can prove that you will survive one year in Paraguay or have a relevant degree, which allows you to get a job. The first choice is, of course, the good old deposit. The actual amount of the deposit in the National Bank is Gs. 30.817.850 (app. 4.000 EUR). 

You can also naturalise your degree. However, it’s not that simple. I know people who did that in two business days and some who managed that in three months. If your profession needs a permit (medic, lawyer, etc.), the time frame will be longer, and additional tasks such as medics must work in local hospitals, etc. 

On the other hand, if you receive a pension, there is nothing more straightforward than proving your pension income; it also qualifies as proof of solvency. 

Can you become a Paraguayan resident by renting or buying land in 2022?

Yes, you can. According to the law, buying or renting ten hectares of land qualifies you for permanent resident status. However, cheap ten hectares of land simply does not exist in Paraguay. Of course, you found it; you are great. But we have been looking for such lands for years, and the situation is the following:

  • ten hectares of land is very expensive in or close to the cities (you can build on it)
  • ten hectares of agricultural land is too small; you can only buy hundreds or thousands of hectares
  • someone sells you ten hectares of land in the deep Chaco. You will never get there and a useless piece of salty sand.

Naturally, if you have time to search for the land you want, you will find that. But do it personally and never let people choose for you, without seeing it with your own eyes. To prove your solvency with land purchase usually happens in the case of Indian clients. They are continuously ripped off through land purchases. Because Indian (Pakistani, Chinese, Bangladeshi, etc.) citizens can’t enter to find their lands personally. Please take care!

Where can I find information on the permanent residency requirements of Paraguay? How can I get a consultation about Paraguay’s immigration process, residency, and citizenship?

The Paraguayan Migrations Directorate’s webpage is up to date. You can find here all the relevant information.

On the other hand, we offer legal consultations online, which cost 99 euros (or equal in other currencies). It’s only a must if you are:

  • A citizen of a developed country who wants to use the resident status for tax planning. In this case, we must go through your financial objectives, do the math, and prepare the paperwork.
  • A citizen of any Asian or African country. There is a lot of information to let you know in his case. We receive dozens of emails and WhatsApp messages from Asia and Africa per day. It’s impossible to give detailed answers to all. We send you our brochures, and if you are interested, we set up a consultation online. 

How can I start the permanent residency process in Paraguay in 2021? 

The easiest solution is to write an email to Please, let us know some details, your citizenship, the number of applicants and some words about your plans in Paraguay. Then we will send your detailed guide and quotes. By the way, you can find all the relevant information about the process by clicking here.