We offer a permanent residence permit for a partner who joins in investing in a secure, transparent and affordable tourism project in Paraguay. As this is the pilot project for the Paraguay SUACE Residency by Investment Programme with a qualifying investment, the project’s owner offers several “early bird” advantages. We also provide continuous media coverage in the national and international press during this unique project.

Paraguay Immigration Attorney

In 2015, Paraguay experienced more growth in international visitors than any other country in the world. There are not enough quality sightseeing boats available for tourists in the whole country, and the lack of waterfront tourism on the mighty Paraguay-river create a unique chance to join a fast developing and secure industry. The project owner has more than 15 years of experience in providing luxury boat services. 

Advantages of Paraguay permanent resident status and citizenship

  • No tax on foreign sourced income and low-tax on locally sourced income. Read here more about the taxation in Paraguay. 
  • Tropical weather
  • The fastest developing country in South America (+4,4% GDP in 2018)
  • The most rapid increase in the number of tourists in the world (2015)
  • Excellent education, world-class and affordable private health care system
  • Cheap lands and real estate
  • You can travel to the MERCOSUR Member States (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay)  with your ID card
  • You can apply for the citizenship of Paraguay after three years

Advantages of the Paraguay residency by investment program (SUACE)

  • Most affordable residency by investment program of the world, the minimum requirement is the investment of 70,000 dollars divided in ten years in your business (we ask for a lesser amount because naturally, the investment is more substantial than 70,000 USD and it is the pilot project to attract foreign investors as well.
  • Accelerated immigration process, takes only one month after applying.
  • Investors can get registered  Invitation Letter to obtain the investor’s entry visa
  • You can start the investment after receiving the permanent residence permit
  • You don’t have to bring the whole amount of investment in Paraguay
  • Read here the detailed information on the Paraguay Residency by Investment (SUACE) Program here.

The total cost of the immigration process is included in the amount of investment. Permanent residents of Paraguay may live, work, do business and study in the country.

The program’s main requisite that the investor commits himself to maintain the investment for ten years but after three years the permanent resident can apply for the citizenship (upon fulfilling all requirements) and can finish the investment.

The project on the Paraguay-river

We start the first official sightseeing boat service for tourists. The project contains a port owned by the Paraguay passport through investmentproject company with tourism facilities. There are no regular sightseeing tours in Asunción to take a look at the first European city in South America from the water. The new venture also provides boat renting facility for fishing enthusiasts and adventurers, who want to see the untouched tropical nature in Paraguay. The investor can maintain the permanent resident status without residing in the country but have to regularly visit Paraguay. 

The minimum amount of investment: 35,000 EUR

The investment includes:

  • all immigration-related agency, legal and government fees and costs
  • address in Paraguay
  • shares in the project company
  • accounting during the investment period.

The investor can sell the shares:

  • after three years (becoming a citizen)
  • after ten years (the time limit of the Paraguay Residency by Investment – SUACE Program)

The investor can maintain permanent resident status or become a citizen of Paraguay.

Ask detailed information here: info@tucanoprod.com