This post is the English translation of the official announcement of the Paraguayan National Directorate of Migrations.

After becoming aware of a complaint received from the Encarnación Regional Office regarding the circulation of invoices for false residence immigration procedures, the National Directorate of Migrations alerts citizens, in general, and the foreign community, in particular, about this situation and urges to take the proper precautions to avoid falling into this type of scam, taking into account the points mentioned below:

Immigration procedures are PERSONAL and PRESENTIAL, for which the interested party must, inevitably, be present when entering their residence application and pay the corresponding fee, after which they will be issued the legal invoice for the payment of their Procedure.

Although the applicant may choose to monitor their documentary process or withdraw their immigration documents through a duly accredited legal representative, IN NO CASE may they start their residence process only through third parties.
Residency applications are processed ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY at the offices of this National Directorate of Migration in Asunción, Regional Offices and Documentation Offices set up in the country’s interior, or at the Immigration Regularization Days carried out by the mobile teams of the Authority, these events being duly publicized on the web portal and on the official social networks of the DNM.

The requirements, tariffs and other details on immigration procedures are available on our official website
In case of doubts about the authenticity of their documents or for more information about immigration procedures, interested parties can make their inquiries through our authorized institutional channels:
Contact Center: 021 411 2000 (Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.)


Facebook: Migrations Paraguay

Twitter: @MigrationsPY

Finally, it should be noted that the Legal Department of the National Directorate of Migrations will file a formal complaint with the Public Ministry for the pertinent investigation of the crime and the identification of those responsible before justice.