Where can South Africans immigrate to?

The South Africans are moving to Paraguay, and this underestimated South American country offers advantages for not only the wealthy migrants. Secure, cheap, the immigration system is friendly, and you can start a business with an affordable investment.

Why Paraguay is the easiest country to immigrate from South Africa?

Because you can easily obtain all necessary documents and buy your ticket to Paraguay. You can pick up an entry visa at the airport upon arrival. Then we change your tourist status to “short-term visitor”, so you will qualify for the Paraguay immigration and you can become a permanent resident in Paraguay.

Which are the top countries South Africans for immigration?

United Kingdom, Australia, United States, New Zealand, Canada, Angola, Botswana, and the eighth favourite target country is Chile. However, I received several requests, because South Africans are looking for safe countries to live, which offer investment solutions, affordable housing, good schools and excellent healthcare.

Why is Paraguay the best option to emigrate for South Africans? Where to emigrate from South Africa?

  • Paraguay develops faster than you think and offers exceptional benefits for the South African emigrants:
    South African citizens can enter Paraguay without a visa
  • South African citizens can become permanent residents of Paraguay in only three months through the Simple Paraguayan Permanent (click to see details)
  • Paraguay is the most secure country in South America
  • Property, land and other affordable investment options are waiting for South Africans in Paraguay
  • The official language is Spanish, which is easily learnable language, and the youth speak very well English.
  • Paraguay is a Member State of the Mercosur, and the permanent resident permit allows free movement and simplified settlement, business and taxation in the other countries.
  • In Paraguay, foreign-sourced income is tax exempt.
  • The quality of life is higher than you believe in Paraguay. (It is my personal and subjective opinion, but you will understand it when you see it with your own eyes.)

The most interesting issue is that Paraguay welcomes not only the wealthy immigrants. The cost of the immigration process is the lowest. You have to pay the taxes, administration costs, legal and agency fees of approximately 3000 euros. You also will have to deposit app. 5000 USD on your temporary bank account as the prove of solvency for three months.

You can move to Paraguay, and wait for your permanent residence permit meanwhile; you can start your business or find a job. If you want to get the permanent residence permit faster than three months, the investors’ residency by investment programme is available, the minimum amount of investment is only 70,000 USD for ten years.

South Africans in Paraguay

As we received several successful applicants from South Africa, I would like to add some more practical information from our experience.

  • The app. 5,000 USD deposit during the usual “deposit” immigration is per person. It is the minimum amount of money for one person to live one year in Paraguay. If you have a family of four members, the amount of deposit will be 4×5,000 USD.
  • So many South Africans try to immigrate alone or ask the help of fixers. You should know that there are two processes. The first is for the permanent residence permit and the second for the ID card. You can apply for the ID card as a permanent resident. But the relevant document is the ID card; the PR permit is only a stage during your immigration; you never will use that document. What happens is that fixers offer the whole process, take your money, help you to get the PR permit and will ask for much more for the ID card.
  • Languages in Paraguay: You can become a great English teacher and earn well here. But PLEASE don’t expect that anyone will speak English in South America. The official languages in Paraguay are Spanish and Guaraní. However, the knowledge of the German language helps a lot. Moreover, learning Spanish is easy.
  • Business in Paraguay for South Africans: Salaries are not too high in Paraguay, so it is much better to start a business. The most straightforward form is to become a self-employed (autonomó). We help you to get this status in a couple of days as a permanent resident. Business is highly profitable in Paraguay. Your experience is welcome here, we need your expertise for almost all kind of activities, please, don’t forget it.

Why are South Africans looking for a new country?

“The pursuit of better financial opportunities, escaping crime and chasing better education for their children”, according to the South African.
And Paraguay offers all these benefits. When was the last time, when you walked home 3 am with the cell phone in your hand? You can do that in Paraguay. Modern and excellent healthcare solutions are available from 250 USD/month for a family of four. And the education? Paraguay can be proud of some of its public schools, meanwhile you can find there the international schools as well in several languages. Do you want to rent or buy an apartment? Luxura one or traditional tropical villas? Lands, riversides? You just name what you want.

Paraguay is still the easiest country to immigrate to from South Africa in 2019. More and more SA citizens are moving to Paraguay. According to our experience, most of them start a business in the service sector but there are now South African “granjeros” (farmers) in Paraguay, welcome.

Please read here how to emigrate from South Africa and become easily a permanent resident and later citizen of Paraguay. Then you should contact me at info@tucanoprod.com