On 18 October 2022, the Paraguayan legislators issued the newly amended Immigration law. Please read all the details here: The new Paraguayan Temporary Residency, Law and Process Details

According to the new law waiting only to sign, you must obtain temporary resident status for two years before becoming a permanent resident.

As we know, the new law will enter into force from February 2023 because of the six months grace period, so you still have time to apply. 

Paraguay now follows the example of several European countries and their different residency programs. For instance, Portugal’s rule is the same under the Golden Visa (ARI) residency by investment scheme. Two years of temporary residence, then three years of permanent residency to qualify for citizenship. 

Until now, Paraguay offered the most straightforward permanent residency solution. 

Please note: absolutely nothing will change for an applicant; you must spend more on state fees for a new process after the initial two years. You should come to Paraguay to become a temporary resident, obtain an ID card, and do your business in or outside Paraguay. After two years, you can apply for permanent resident status. 

According to the law (Art 46), the temporary resident status:

“It will be granted for a period of up to two years, extendable for an equal period, and will be a prerequisite for granting permanent residence.” 

What will change in the Paraguayan Immigration requirements?

Practically nothing. The process to obtain the temporary or permanent residency permit is almost the same, except for the status your receive.

Necessary documents for the Temporary Residence Permit of Paraguay

As with all other immigration processes of different jurisdictions, the Paraguayan immigration process is merely bureaucratic. There are several documents that we must get in Paraguay during the process, but you will bring the following documents with you:

  • birth certificate
  • clean police certificate (from 14 years old)
  • certificate of marriage or divorce (if one of these applies)

Does the Paraguay SUACE residency by investment program change as well?

NO. If your goal is to start a business in Paraguay and maintain it, you will become a permanent resident without the two initial years of temporary residency. Until now, the visa-exempted citizens of developed countries did not use the SUACE residency by investment program. Because the applicants became permanent residents and then decided about the future and registered their companies, from 2023, it will be the most straightforward way to become a permanent resident of Paraguay. 

Does the amended immigration law of Paraguay change the situation of Digital Nomads?

Some permanent residents of Paraguay use their status to live tax-exempt elsewhere as digital nomads, “location independent” freelancers or perpetual travellers. Nothing has changed regarding this structure. They will be temporary residents, later permanent residents, that’s it. 

Do you want to become a Paraguayan permanent resident? 

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