How can we help you in the Paraguay company formation?

We assist you through the whole Paraguay company formation process. My legal partner offers you tailor-made packages for the formation of your new business. Paraguay is the fastest developing country in South America with outstanding business opportunities. The foreign investors meet a stable political and economic background and the knowledge of the Latin-American markets. Paraguay is a member state of the Mercosur. This land-locked country is an affordable jurisdiction to live with good schools and private health care system (more info on cost of living and investments).

How much is the cost of the Paraguay company formation?

The cost of the company formation in Paraguay depends on the share capital and the activity of the new corporation. There is no minimum capital requirement in, several cases but service provider companies need at least 10,000 USD as capital and manufacturing companies more.
Paraguay company formation cost: from 3000 EUR

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The necessary number of directors: 1 or more (the number of directors depends on the business’ type, for a family business 1-3, for more complex firms the number of directors can be 5-7 or more (It is important in the case of immigration operations).

Foreigners can form companies in Paraguay, and they can be shareholders and act as directors. However, the director must be a permanent resident of Paraguay.
The secretary is not an essential role in the Paraguayan company. On the other hand, it is possible, and the secretary can also be a temporary resident.

Process of Company Formation in Paraguay

  • Have to verify the proposed company name’s uniqueness
  • Draft the Paraguay company’s deeds and bylaws and articles of association (Constitucion de Sociedad)
  • Notarize the documents by a licensed public notary. The notarized documents and all books of the Paraguayan company must be registered at the companies’ registry (Dirección General de Los Registros Públicos), and the Treasury Attorney Office (Abogacía del Tesoro). The documents must also be submitted to the single access window (Sistema Unificado de Apertura de Empresas SUAE). The registration process takes 20 days.
  • The Paraguay company gets the TIN (Tax Identification Number) after an online application before the Tax Authority (Subsecretaría de Estado de Tributación, SET). The TIN is valid for VAT, Income Tax and another type of taxes.
  • The company can start its operations.
  • Additionally, the company has to register the directors, the shareholders (Registro de accionistas) and the place and date of the assemblies at the Treasury Attorney Office (Abogacía del Tesoro).
  • The company can hire workforce only after registering with the Social Security Institute and the Ministry of Justice and Labor.

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