You are a citizen of Pakistan and want to become a permanent resident, later citizen in Paraguay? Read all the detailed information here. Don’t forget you can become a Paraguay permanent resident, but the process is complicated and takes at least six months, but eventually better to count with one year. 

So, it is not an easy task for Pakistanis to become Paraguayans, but possible, of course! Let’s start with difficulties! 

What are the challenging tasks during your immigration process in Paraguay as a Pakistani?

  • It would be best if you had a visa to enter Paraguay, it is the most demanding task. There is no Pakistani embassy in Paraguay or Paraguayan Embassy in Pakistan. During my career, I haven’t seen any Pakistanis yet, who managed to obtain the tourist visa, only the investors’ entry-visa under an invitation letter. 
  • You have to authenticate your documents. As Pakistan is not a Member State of the Hague Agreement, Pakistan’s authorities can’t issue Apostille stamps, allowing Paraguay to accept your documents. 

How can you get Paraguay visa from Pakistan?

According to our experiences, you need a registered invitation letter to get the entry-visa. The invitation letter can be registered by a Paraguayan citizen who has a clean past and good tax history. Usually, immigration attornies can register invitation letters for Pakistanis at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Asuncion. It’s important to note that the Paraguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs generally does not issue entry visas for tourism purposes. Why? See the following paragraph!

Why can’t Pakistani citizens become Paraguayan Permanent Residents through the deposit option?

First of all, there is no deposit option. The deposit is only a stage of the immigration process; you can, instead of the deposit: naturalise your university degrees, show a pension paper, buy or rent ten hectares of land. But all these options only become useful when you are physically in Paraguay. And it’s the challenging task because how could you enter in Paraguay without the visa? 

If you reside in another country, like the US, UK, EU, UAE, where Paraguay has Embassies, then perhaps you can apply for an entry visa. If you are a respected member of the society, the Embassy may grant you the access, knowing that you will use the chance to settle. In this lucky case, visit our office in Asunción and let’s start your process.

Then what is the solution? How can Pakistani citizens obtain the entry-visa and move to Paraguay?

We register invitation letters only for investors and students from Paraguay. But we can register invitation letters, and we can invite you and your family/business partners to start your business in Paraguay. 

My advice: forget to think about getting a job in Paraguay. If you want to settle in Paraguay, think about setting up a business.  

Most importantly, we have to take personal responsibility for the invited investors. If the goal is to get in Paraguay and not fulfil the SUACE residency program’s requisites, we will lose our permit. We can practically help you if you have a plan and has the necessary funds and some references. 

You can find here all the detailed information on the SUACE residency by investment program of Paraguay!

How can you become an investor in Paraguay and how much money you need to invest?

Paraguay has a residency by investment program, but it’s better to characterise it as an “entrepreneurship scheme”. It means that according to the law, you must spend 70,000 USD for ten years on your business. So, you don’t have to start with a significant investment; the requirements are to form a company, pay the application and capital taxes and start your activity. Paraguay wants that you set up a business and maintain your business for ten years or until you become a citizen. 

When do you have to invest the 70,000 USD for the Paraguayan Permanent Residency?

You don’t have to. Let’s take two practical examples:

  1. You want to open a restaurant. The rental fee of the restaurant is 700 USD/month. You will spend more than 70k USD for the rent.
  2. You import clothes. To buy enough clothes for three containers and the shipment cost is more than 70,000 USD.

You also have sufficient time to start your business. When you arrive in Paraguay, we help you receive Paraguay’s permanent residence permit and ID card. As the first step of the process, we register your company, so you will be ready to understand Paraguay, as it is a new and unknown market for you. You don’t have to rush. If you want to work with agriculture, you must find the best land, and that takes time. If you’re going to open a restaurant, you need to find the right place and bargain, etc. What we need is a viable project plan. 

Lies about the permanent residency and citizenship of Paraguay in Pakistan:

We receive hundreds of emails from Pakistan every year. Please note that the following statements are all false.

Lie: You can get the permanent residency if you invest 5000 dollars in Paraguay. 

Truth: if you are physically in Paraguay, you can apply for the permanent residence permit and one of the options to prove your solvency is the deposit of Gs. 29.519.000, which is actually (when I write this post) is 4,340 USD. We must deposit this amount in the National Bank and withdraw it after receiving the permanent residence permit. But this option is only available when you are in Paraguay and submit your documents from Paraguay.

Lie: You can become a permanent resident in Paraguay if you buy ten hectares of land

Truth: As the deposit mentioned above, land purchase is also one option to prove your solvency during the immigration process. Mostly applicants from India try to come in Paraguay through buying lands. At least they intend to. There are many lands in Paraguay, try to find to buy ten hectares online! You will find thousands of hectares. Less than 1,500 hectares is not land but a kitchen garden in Paraguay. So, the fixers try to sell the worst unusable lands, because the land is even not cheap in Paraguay (at least if you want to buy it from abroad)! So you buy something that you haven’t seen, and the Migrations will not accept it as a reason to visit Paraguay. You still will need a respected Paraguayan citizen who invites you and takes personal responsibility for you.

Lie: You can buy the citizenship of Paraguay

Truth: The citizenship of Paraguay is not up to the sale. You must live in Paraguay for three years to qualify for the naturalisation. Anybody offers you fast citizenship; please take care. Prisons are not so lovely in Paraguay. And fraudsters go to jail. 

Straightforward steps of the immigration process for citizens of Pakistan in Paraguay

There are some straightforwards steps as well; the entire process is not that complex:

  • Register your company. Even a basic, unipersonal company is enough to justify your objectives to visit Paraguay through the SUACE program. (The SUACE is the company registry and has its immigration department, that serves only investors)
  • Moreover, the legal process in Paraguay is straightforward. In one and a half month, you will successfully finish the process and become a holder of the Paraguayan permanent residence permit and the Paraguayan ID card (cedula)

How to start your process for the Paraguayan Permanent Resident Status as a citizen of Pakistan?

  1. You should write an email to (please mention your name, citizenship and what do you want to do in Paraguay)
  2. Then we send your our relevant guides.
  3. If you are interested, we MUST set up a consultation; it has a fee of 99 euros (120 USD), this amount we will discount from the final payment if you chose our services.
  4. And finally, we sign the contract and start becoming a Paraguayan permanent resident, later citizen.