From July 1st, the National Migration Board will require the presentation of a visa for foreign nationals who wish to apply for their residence permit or extend their stay.

It means that citizens of visa-exempted countries also need a visa to settle in Paraguay, as most Europeans do!

For example, until now, the citizens of the USA? Canada, Australia, and other countries did not need a visa to enter Paraguay, but they needed a visa to apply for a residency permit. From July 2023, the citizens of other countries must do the same! (you can find here the official information on visas

Citizens of European nations enjoyed the right to become temporary, later permanent residents without an entry visa. They just had to verify the entry stamp in their passports for the settlement process. Now, they will need an entry visa to be able to become a Paraguayan resident.

How can you get a Paraguayan entry visa?

Suppose you can enter Paraguay as a tourist without a visa because you are a citizen of a visa-exempted country. In this case, you must enter Paraguay and apply for a visa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, allowing you to settle in Paraguay and become a resident. The visa will be valid and qualify you for the residency TWO WEEKS AFTER THE ISSUANCE!!! The visa fee is 160 USD. 

How long does it take to get a Paraguayan visa? 

Usually, the process is quick when you are a citizen of a visa-exempted country. As you must request the visa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Asuncion, the visa will be valid only after two weeks. 

According to the new rule, all European citizens need a visa from July to apply for residence, except for Belgium, Spain, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. 

The situation of the citizens of those countries who need an invitation letter in exchange for a visa remained the same. If you are a citizen of an African country or India, Pakistan, etc., please read our related post about your situation; it differs from the citizens of the developed countries, and we can support only investors from those countries, or you can read here the new relevant legislation in Spanish. 

Since 2022, Paraguay has changed several rules regarding the immigration process. First, they introduced temporary residency before becoming a permanent resident. The actual changes also made the settlement more time taking and more expensive. 

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