Paraguayan people are amicable, and they like foreigners. Even among the very kind Latin nations, the people of Paraguay are the friendliest. Paraguay has a lot to offer; it is the safest South-American country, a member of the MERCOSUR and develops faster than you imagine. Paraguay is still a mainly agricultural but very prosperous country between Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia.

Investing in Paraguay

Paraguay has the highest growth rate in the region. This country in the heart of South America but an infinite amount of renewable energy as well. There are no restrictions on foreign investment; the doors are open for the foreign investors and expats.

Paraguay is the fourth largest exporter of Soybean and the sixth of corn and the eight of beef worldwide.

Paraguay has the lowest tax rates in the region. Foreign sourced income is tax exempt, and this is an excellent tool for business persons, who want to have a second tax residency. Foreigners can obtain the permanent residency permit of Paraguay through a simple and straightforward process. You can read all information about Paraguay Permanent Residence Permit here.

What are the most popular areas of investment in Paraguay? In agriculture, the most preferred products are soy, weed, cotton, corn, and beef.
Paraguay’s public infrastructure is another good option; international companies participate in tenders to take part in the massive projects.

As Paraguay’s rivers make transport easy, investment in logistics and shipping around the river areas are warmly welcome as well.

Forming a Company in Paraguay

Registering a company in Paraguay is not a quick process. It takes at least two, sometimes three months because the commercial registration needs governmental approval. Company forming is not difficult or expensive, just takes time and the costs for international entrepreneurs start fro 3000 USD. You may find all necessary information on company forming in Paraguay here and don’t forget to read about the Maquila reexport tax incentive and the Tax-Free Zones. 

Cost of Living in Asunción Paraguay

Asunción, Paraguay’s capital, has nothing to do with the usual metropolis of Latin-America. First of all, it is a small city.
The cost of living for a family in Asunción is around 2000 USD, and we are talking about a real high-middle class lifestyle like in the US or the EU. In the countryside even app. 800 USD is enough to live; there is a huge difference between the prices of the capital and the more remote areas. Paraguay is less dangerous than Argentina or Brazil, but the condos in Asunción still have security guards to take care. However, according to my personal experience, the guards are unnecessary, the city is secure. There are good private schools in Asunción; the most famous institutes are the Catholic private schools, the monthly fee is around 150 USD.
In the capital, luxury apartments are on the market for a monthly 500-700 USD rental fee. I rented a five-room house with a small garden close to the city centre for 500 USD.
Private healthcare insurance costs app. 350 USD for a family of four and 200 for an individual. The service and the doctors are excellent.
On this site, you can find always updated information about the cost of living in Paraguay.

What can you do in Asunción?

Come on; Paraguay is a Latin-American country with music, love and a lot of sunshine. There are bars, restaurants, and programs to do all the time. The food is perfect and affordable, the price of the meat, vegetables and fruits cannot be compared to any EU or US locations’.
The official language of Paraguay is Spanish, Guaraní and ten per cent of the population speaks German.

If you are interested in residing, living or paying your taxes in Paraguay, just let me know!