Immigration to Brazil is a very hard task, except if you can invest 42,000 USD.

Just try to immigrate to Brazil once and you will understand the value of the Brazil Investor Visa Program. Residency by Investment Programs are usually the affordable solutions for the wealthy, but the Brazil Investor Visa Program is a cheap one.

The minimum necessary amount of investment is BRL 150,000 (app. 48k USD or 38k EUR). There are two types of investment which are eligible for the program:

Real Estate Investment in Brazil qualifies for the Brazilian Permanent Residency Permit from BRL 500,000 (app. 125k EUR or 142k USD).

In exceptional cases, the qualifying amount can be between BRL 150,000 and BRL 500,000. In these cases the investment must be in:
– innovation,
– basic research,
– applied research activity.
The investment also must have scientific or technological nature, and there are also other conditions in the legislation.

The permanent resident must demonstrate after the initial three years term that the investment still exists, and the company files the resident’s Tax Return.

The first step to immigrate to Brazil through the Brazilian Investor Visa is forming a company. The type of the business entity depends on the investment. The company should produce profit and must create employment. The investment will go through the “Electronic Declaratory Registry – Foreign Direct Investment of the Central Bank.

Citizenship of Brazil

After the applicant obtained the Brazilian Permanent Residency Permit, he/she can apply for the citizenship after maximum four years. However, this timeframe can be reduced significantly.

How can we help you to immigrate to Brazil?

First of all the candidate must choose the right investment and then must apply for the visa. My legal partners and I will hold your hand through the entire process. The immigration part is simple and straightforward; the hardest part is to find the right investment.

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