This Paraguayan immigration guide contains all necessary information, documents and a step-by-step eplanations for Indian citizens to get an entry-visa, permanent residence permit and later citizenship in Paraguay.

I receive a lot of emails daily from India. Paraguay is a quickly developing country, with a lot of advantages to attract immigrants from India. And everybody knows that Paraguay is a welcoming country without xenophoby, where Indian residents can make money. And most importantly everybody knows that anybody can become a permanent resident and later citizen in Paraguay, after depositing some money in the bank. However, some little details are missing from the big picture, and I write this post now to clarify EXACTLY how can you move to Paraguay from India.

Can Indians become permanent residents of Paraguay through the “deposit” option?

YES! It is good news because almost everybody can apply for the permanent residence permit of Paraguay. However, only if they manage to enter Paraguay and have the right documents to apply for the permanent resident status, they qualify. And here comes the problem, Indian citizens need an entry-visa to be able to visit Paraguay, and it is a challenging task to get it.

How can Indian citizens get a Paraguay entry-visa?

The entry-visa of Paraguay is a particular issue. We have a lot of requests from Indians, who have Schengen and US entry-visas and don’t understand why it is more difficult to get an entry-visa of Paraguay. However, the answer is simple: a Schengen or US visa does not allow you to become a resident in Europe or the US. But if you can enter Paraguay, you can get the pr permit and the ID card, and it is a significant difference. Paraguayan authorities will not issue entry-visas for anyone. 

During the last four years, I haven’t seen a single Indian citizen obtaining the entry-visa alone without a registered invitation letter from our side. However, during the first week of January 2020, one Indian client got the visitor visa alone. Perhaps you can do it as well.

Perhaps it was a single occasion, but he did it. So, what happens typically is that we register an invitation letter in Asunción at the Minister of Foreign Affairs. It is not an easy task. We have to justify who we want to bring and why. As an immigration legal service provider company, it is clear for all authorities, that we don’t work with tourists but with immigration. The person who invites you has personal responsibility for the invited person. On an average base, our attorneys must visit at least 5-7 times the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get the registration process and the entry-visa done.

That’s why to notice:

  • Your hotel can’t invite you
  • People you find on the internet, who sell only invitation letters will trick you (please check the person or firm!!!)
  • A land purchase memorandum of understanding is not enough to get the visa.

We hope that it will be easier for Indian citizens to obtain Paraguayan entry-visa. But until that time, we offer mainly the investor program. The most crucial issue to understand about the SUACE residency by investment program is that you don’t have to invest, but spend the minimum 70,000 USD amount in ten years. For example, you rent a place to open a restaurant. The rental fee is 700 USD/months. You will spend more money during ten years than the minimum amount. Another solution is that you can buy a home to rent it for tourists. You ask for a mortgage and pay it. You can bring some containers of anything; it will satisfy the requirements. You don’t have to wait ten years of course, because if you live in Paraguay, after three years you will qualify for citizenship.  

Notice: Somebody spread the news that Indian citizens can get the permanent residence permit with leasing land in Paraguay. It can work. However, which local, Paraguayan bank will lend money for a foreigner, who never visited Paraguay? How would you invest your part of the money in a land without seeing it personally first? I wouldn’t do that. 

Spanish language issues for immigrants in Paraguay from India

You don’t have to speak Spanish or Guaraní to become a resident in Paraguay. But you will have to learn Spanish to work to do your everyday tasks and to be able to integrate into society and your local community. In Paraguay, the official languages are Spanish and Guaraní. It depends on the location, but Paraguayan people speak other languages as well, like German, Portuguese or Italian.

Necessary documents of Indian citizens for the Permanent Residence Permit of Paraguay

  • Birth certificate
  • Clean Police Certificate
  • Certificate of Marriage or Divorce (if it applies)
  • Passport (source)

All papers must have an Apostilled stamp by the Ministry of External Affairs in India. The Apostille stamp is a unique and internationally accepted authentication tool. All the documents must be translated to Spanish with an official, registered translator. We can do this in Paraguay as well. 

Practical guides for Indian citizens to obtain the Permanent Residence Permit and later the Citizenship of Paraguay

If you can get the entry-visa alone, then we can support your application through the usual “deposit” option to become a permanent resident in Paraguay. Click here for the detailed information!

If you can’t obtain the entry-visa alone, but want to start a business in Paraguay, then we can support your application through the SUACE program. Click here for the detailed information!

You will qualify for the citizenship of Paraguay after residing three years here. Click here for the detailed information on how can Indian permanent residents of Paraguay become citizens and obtain the passport of Paraguay!

How can I apply for the Paraguayan Permanent Residence Permit through Tucanoprod?

  1. Please, write an email to Tucanoprod at Please, mention your name (or how to call you, we don’t want your data), citizenship, and what you want to do in Paraguay.
  2. We will answer you and send the relevant detailed guides.
  3. After reading our guides thoroughly if you want to proceed, then we must set up a consultation. It has a fee of 99 euros (120 USD, etc.). If you choose our services, we discount it from your final payment.
  4. We register your company or the invitation letter. The unipersonal company with one shareholder must be registered personally. Meanwhile Ltd type companies we can register without your presence. 
  5. All the rest steps of the process are in our guides, and we published several posts on

Suppose you manage to get the entry visa alone. In that case, we help you prepare the proper documentation and wait for your arrival in Paraguay. Of course, you can apply for the residency through the usual residency program; you don’t need to invest.