Is it possible? Yes, of course. Can you, as Chinese citizen become Paraguay permanent resident and citizen? Yes, you can. Challenges, advantages, and some details about the process.

We receive hundreds of emails and referred applicants from China annually. We have enough experience to take a look and explain the solutions and challenges. The process is complex and viable, nothing can stop you to settle in the last low-tax jurisdiction of South America. 

Can Chinese citizens become permanent residents and citizens of Paraguay?

Yes, of course. Paraguay is an opened and welcoming country. Everybody can apply for Paraguay’s permanent residence permit and after fulfiling the requisites can apply for the citizenship.

If it’s possible to immigrate to Paraguay, why is it so difficult for Chinese citizens to become Paraguayans?

It’s challenging to apply for the Paraguayan residency for Chinese citizens because of the lack of diplomatic relations.

Now, let’s see a practical example, which clarifies all difficulties during the immigration process:

Anyone can apply for Paraguay’s permanent residence permit from Paraguay when the applicant is physically present in Paraguay.  If you are a Chinese citizen, it’s good to know that you need an entry visa to travel to Paraguay. And Paraguay does not issue visitor visas for Chinese citizens, according to my experience. During the last five years, I saw only a handful of Chinese people who managed to obtain a Paraguay tourist visa. They all applied from the US, Europe, UAE or other South American countries. It helps a lot, if you have travel history and stamps from the developed and democratic countries, then it’s easier to convince the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue the visa for you.

Why is it so difficult for Chinese citizens to enter Paraguay?

From Asia, only citizens of Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan can enter without a visa in Paraguay and start their application for the resident status as the Europeans or North Americans (etc.)

Still, don’t forget, you may become a Paraguayan resident; it’s our job to help you.

What are the difficulties during the immigration process in Paraguay for Chinese citizens?

  • There are no diplomatic relations between the two countries. Paraguay is a proud anticommunist country and supports the Republic of China’s case, as we know it: Taiwan. Paraguay is the single South American country, which recognises Taiwan. Of course, it does not help develop diplomatic and trade connections with mainland China. There is another smaller problem but important for Paraguay, in the wilderness of the Chaco, there is the EPP, a Maoist guerilla organisation. 
  • There is no Embassy of Paraguay in China, so the visas’ issuance (stamp it in the passport) is not easy. 
  • China is not a member of the Hague Apostille Agreement, so the applicants can’t present their necessary documents easily, have to find other ways to authenticate (we help, of course). 
  • As the applicants from India, Pakistan, etc. also the Chinese clients believe all the lies on the internet. Practically, there are only a maximum of three immigration legal service providers in Paraguay, who offers this service to Chinese and can do that. We are one of the three immigration agencies. 
  • Corruption. According to Transparency International, Paraguay is the 137th on the corruption list from 180 countries. Corrupt officials helped before several people to get the Paraguayan citizenship through bribery. (Don’t believe to fixers! Suppose you obtain Paraguay’s citizenship through fraud. In that case, you will go to prison sooner or later because big data helps police and our work now.)

Good news: Paraguayans are not racists or xenophobes. Nobody cares about your race, religion or citizenship. 

Can Chinese citizens buy the citizenship of Paraguay? 

No, no, and no. There is no citizenship by investment program in Paraguay. You can become a permanent resident; then you must live three years in Paraguay, each year more than 183 days, pay your taxes and apply for citizenship. 

As we cleared and clarified Chinese citizens’ difficulties in becoming Paraguayan residents, later citizens, let’s see how you can obtain that pr permit, ID card and later the passport.

It’s possible and please, don’t forget, we are here to help, you are not alone during this project.

How can Chinese citizens become permanent residents of Paraguay?

Practically, there are only two viable options (if we forget the family reunification).

  1. Through the SUACE residency by investment program
  2. Student Visa

Perhaps the SUACE residency by investment program is the most useful option for applicants from mainland China. You can read all the necessary information here about this program. Don’t be afraid; it is the most affordable residency by investment program in the world. You don’t have to invest directly or show that you have the money for it. You must register a company, come to Paraguay and do your business. The SUACE program is the most straightforward route for Chinese citizens, and we have a 100% success rate (since 2017, when we started to accept clients from China). We can register Invitation Letters, form companies and support you during the immigration process in Paraguay. 

For students, the route is almost the same as in the investors’ case. Still, naturally, you don’t have to invest or register a company. We help you to enrol into a good university and obtain the Letter of Acceptance. Then we can register your invitation letter at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (our advice is to become a permanent resident and don’t use the temporary permits. If you finish your studies in Paraguay, don’t forget your student time is enough to qualify for citizenship!) One little detail: we only accept real students, we have personal responsibility for the invited people.

Can I become a Paraguay citizen without living in Paraguay?

No, you must live three years in Paraguay, each year more than 183 days to qualify for the citizenship.

Can I become a Paraguayan permanent resident without visiting Paraguay?

No, we need your presence two times during the process to give you biometric data (fingerprints) for the Interpool and the National Police. 

Can I maintain my Paraguayan resident status without living in Paraguay?

You will need a residential address, tax number (RUC), and visiting Paraguay at least once every three years. 

How long does it take to become a Paraguayan permanent resident for Chinese citizens?

The question is always the entry visa, to get it will take several months. However, the process in Paraguay is fast; it will take only one and a half month.

How can I apply for the Paraguayan Permanent Residence Permit through Tucanoprod?

  1. Please, write an email to Tucanoprod at Please, mention your name (or how to call you, we don’t want your data), citizenship, and what you want to do in Paraguay.
  2. We will answer you and send the relevant detailed guides.
  3. After reading our guides thoroughly if you want to proceed, then we must set up a consultation. It has a fee of 99 euros (120 USD, etc.). If you choose our services, we discount it from your final payment.
  4. We register your company or the invitation letter. The unipersonal company with one shareholder must be registered personally. Meanwhile Ltd type companies we can register without your presence. 
  5. All the rest steps of the process are in our guides, and we published several posts on

Suppose you manage to get the entry visa alone. In that case, we help you prepare the proper documentation and wait for your arrival in Paraguay. Of course, you can apply for the residency through the usual residency program; you don’t need to invest.