The new process for obtaining a residence permit in Paraguay from 2022 for Australian citizens is straightforward and affordable. You will receive a temporary residency permit for two years before becoming a permanent resident and later a citizen.

We have more and more Australian clients, so it is better to summarize what you need to do and why it is worth becoming a resident in Paraguay.

Advantages of becoming a temporary, later permanent resident of Paraguay for citizens of Australia

  • Most affordable process. You do not even have to prove your solvency.
  • A simple document package is needed.
  • If you become a tax resident, your foreign-sourced and not remitted income is tax-exempt.
  • If you do business in Paraguay, the taxes on business are the lowest among the Mercosur countries.
  • After two years of temporary residency, you can decide if you wish to become a permanent resident or want to extend it for another two years your temporary status.
  • You can always go to the jurisdiction of your residency, so if anything happens, you can travel around the world with your Australian passport and your Paraguayan residency permit. 
  • Paraguay is one of those last countries where you can start a business using a small amount of capital.
  • Paraguay desperately needs professionals.

What do Australian citizens need to become a resident of Paraguay?

First of all, you must gather the necessary documents:

  • birt certificate
  • clean police certificate
  • certificate of marriage or divorce if applicable.

Put an Apostille stamp on your original documents; we can translate those in Paraguay officially by the official translators of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can do that abroad as well, of course. But firstly, Apostille those documents. Do not use a notary. If anything is wrong with your papers, it will take a lot of time and money to resolve the issue from Paraguay. Let us help, please, to arrive here with the proper collection of documents in your baggage.

Six other necessary documents are issued in Paraguay; we will get those for you. The application for a temporary resident permit starts with a biometric check. There will be a second biometric check when we apply for the ID card, and we need your presence during these process steps. 

Do Australian citizens need a visa to enter Paraguay?

You do not need a visa to enter, but you will need an entry visa if you want to start the settlement process. As a tourist, you will receive a simple stamp in your passport, but that stamp does not qualify doer the residency application. You must buy a visa upon arrival; it costs 150-160 USD. Without the visa, we must organize for you to get out of the country, usually to Argentina or Brazil, and return to purchase the entry visa again. 

What happens when an Australian becomes a resident in Paraguay? 

You can maintain your resident status in Paraguay if you visit our beautiful country every three years. However, as a temporary resident, you must come back after two years before your residency permit, and ID card expires. Then you can decide if you wish to extend your temporary resident status for another two years or want to become a permanent resident. As a permanent resident, it is enough to come back every three years. 

What should you do to start your application process to become a Paraguayan resident?

Contact us here or at If you want to become a resident of Paraguay, you can find a detailed process guide and our quotes here.