The naturalisation process of Paraguay can be faster in Paraguay! According to a proposed law amendment, the commercial, and civil judges may grant the Paraguayan citizenship. The applicants may receive their certificate of naturalisation and the Paraguayan passport after a process of maximum three months. Now, the law is only waiting for the signature of President Mario Abdo Benítez.

The Chamber of Deputies already had a session about the amendment of the Immigration law, according to the

The Senators had approved the proposal of the legislator Lilian Samaniego (Colorado). According to the proposal, commercial and civil judges will have the power to grant Paraguayan citizenship to foreigners who meet the legal requirements.

The Lower House modified the proposal, where the president of the Constitutional Affairs Commission Derlis Maidana, highlighted that the option of granting Paraguayan nationality for the children of Paraguayan parents who were born abroad and the naturalisation of foreigners who comply with the constitutional requirements, is already established in the Constitution (Magna Carta in articles 146 to 154.)

Meanwhile, Rocío Vallejo talked about the sensitivity of the issue, because during the government of Federico Franco, Chinese applicants received their permanent residence permits by post. Without stepping even once on Paraguayan soil and nobody knows about their naturalisation processes.

Currently, the naturalisation the Supreme Court processes the naturalisation through the Civil Chamber.

If President Abdo Benítez promulgates the law, the judges of the civil and commercial jurisdiction may grant Paraguayan naturalisation (citizenship and passport). In the case of children, the procedure must be carried out before the Court of Children and Adolescents.

If there is an opposition from the Ministerio Publico during the process, the applicant will have the chance to contest. If there is no opposition during the process from the Ministerio Publico, the magistrate must issue the sentence in three days, and from there he has 30 days to resolve.

If the final judgment is favourable, the inscription will be ordered in the Civil Status Registry.

The Court forwarded several complaints to the Public Ministry about the falsification of naturalisation processes. In other cases, alleged businesses were reported that splashed Supreme Court officials. (Do not forget the recent case of Ronaldinho, which generated severe international turmoil).

Now, the naturalisation process in Paraguay may take several years. Furthermore, we know several cases, when it took more than five years for permanent residents, who are active, influential, and honest members of society. 

According to our leading immigration attorney, the process (once the new law enters in force) will take a maximum of three months.

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