Mieu Phan provides life coaching services for cross-cultural integration, expats, and immigrants. Coaching during the integration period in a new country is very important, so I asked Mieu to introduce her job for us in a short interview.

Please tell us about yourself!

I am a life coach for expatriates, immigrants, and cross-cultural integration. Successful cultural collaboration brings out the best of all cultures involved while negating the negatives.

Why expats need coaching?

No one needs coaching; however, coaching is an avenue for individuals to learn what they can not see for themselves that limits possibilities. What limits possibilities, are usually beliefs, values and perceptions that originated from the past. As for expat coaching, I explore my clients’ condition of satisfaction in terms when it comes to family, work, and friendship. Coaching can begin before the assignment to all the stages of expat life to the moment of repatriation.

What is cross-culture integration?

Cross-cultural integration is the exchange of culture where the best of each culture are incorporated while the negatives of each culture are negated.

What about hiring an expat? Do employers hire you to help the expats?

The benefit of hiring an expat is to bring new ideas not available locally. Expats who have had a lot of experience in being an expat are naturally resilient and have the ability to problem solve. Currently, I am not working with employers, and I am bringing awareness about expat support through speaking engagements. However, companies in Asia such as Japan and Korea have departments to support expats.

What is your advice or are there any general advice for expats who move to another culture?

My advice for expats is to do the research as soon as possible and to join support groups to understand what life is like in the host country. It is also important to put themselves out there and connect with them so they can get the best from the host country.

If you are interested in Mieu’s services, please contact her at  mieu@mieuphancoaching.com or on WhatsApp at 774-278-1987.