The General Directorate of Migrations Paraguay reminds that the CLOSURE OF BORDERS AND AIRPORTS extends until April 19, 2020, following the provisions of the Presidency of the Republic of Paraguay through Decree No. 3525 which expands the general preventive isolation and the restriction measures, in the framework of the health emergency situation declared in the national territory by the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

In the context of this measure, the following points are reiterated:

The Inter-institutional Coordination Center to support the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare, articulated by the National Defense Council (CODENA) is the body in charge of approving the entry of compatriots into the national territory, on an exceptional basis and only for humanitarian and/or situations of vulnerability, according to the study of each case.

For Paraguayans coming home because of the coronavirus

All compatriots who enter the country from abroad during the period of the health emergency, either by air or land, must submit to the mandatory isolation regime in centres assigned by the National Government and under strict supervision, control and monitoring of the health authorities, with the support and custody of the Armed Forces and the National Police.

The assistance and repatriation of compatriots from abroad are coordinated by the Paraguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Paraguayan Repatriate Secretariat.

The “Dirección General de Migraciones Paraguay” is the institution in charge of controlling and registering the entry of repatriated compatriots through authorized migration control posts, after sanitary control by the personnel of the Ministry of Health and under strict security controls of the Public Forces stationed in the primary areas, in the case of entry from the land. The entrance to the country by air is under the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay, the Secretariat of Repatriated Paraguay and DINAC Paraguay.

The entry of goods and services is happening under the corresponding sanitary surveillance, with the support of the other related state agencies, to ensure the supply of the population.

For foreign citizens who wish to leave or visit Paraguay during coronavirus

Foreign citizens who wish to leave are allowed to leave the country, but they may not re-enter the national territory for the duration of the border closure measure.