Do you want to live in Africa? I can recommend a safe, clean, modern and beautiful country. In Botswana, you can enjoy nature and profit, because Botswana offers excellent business solutions as well.

Today, we are talking about moving and living in exotic and charming Africa. Of course, Africa is enormous, and you can choose from 54 countries. But Botswana is a special one. First of all, Botswana is beautiful. Botswana is also a safe and secure country. The level of crime is on the European level; I mean very low. Botswana is clean and modern, take a look at any video you can find on YouTube.
And Botswana has a residency by investment program. It is essential because Botswana is not that country where you can buy your way to citizenship easily. We offer immigration services in Botswana but let’s talk about it later.


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I wrote my first post about Botswana immigration in 2014 and started to channel clients to Botswana in 2017. Since then, a lot of small investors arrived from everywhere, but most of them are South Africans, looking for a secure place, where they can live and make money.

So, I met my local partner, Magdeline Ketlhokile, who is the managing director of Almega Botswana, and since then we work together. She is not only a colleague and friend, but she is the market leader immigration expert in Botswana. Today she will help us to understand the details of a complex, point-based immigration system. She will tell us the step-by-step guide to the residency by investment program. Then we take a closer look at the investment options and all the necessary knowledge you need to start living in this African country. If you listen carefully to her words, you will understand that it is not that difficult to become a resident and later a citizen of Botswana if you invest the cost of a kitchen in Europe or the US in this beautiful African country. Please, let me introduce Magdeline Ketlhokile.

Botswana Immigration: visas and residence permits

Our first topic today is to understand the difference between visas and permits in Botswana. (entry-visas, work permit, investors permit, etc.)

Botswana Residency by Investment Program

The second topic today is the residency by investment program, but let’s listen to Maggie first, why is Botswana so attractive? What are the investment opportunities?
(Agriculture, wildlife, nature, tourism, Okavango delta on the World Heritage list. Mining projects and my personal favourite theme: diamonds. Gaborone capital, trade, goods export-import)

Now, let’s get deep and go through the whole process of the Botswana Residency by Investment Program. It is a real step-by-step guide!
(All necessary documents, the minimum amount of investment, the point-based Botswana immigration system. Official process, stage by stage.)

Don’t forget we are registered immigration legal service providers in Botswana! You can read here all the detailed information about the Residency by Investment Program! 

I believe now you have a detailed knowledge of Botswana’s immigration rules and the Botswana Residency by Investment program. If you are interested in starting a new life in this beautiful African country, write an email to, and we send you the information package directly from Gaborone, Botswana.

It was the third episode of the Tucanopord podcast with Bence Zákonyi. Thank you very much for your attention. Please read and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram! Next time we will talk about the Panama Friendly Nations Visa with my colleagues directly from Panama City.