There are affordable and straightforward residency and investment programs, which lead to Paraguay’s citizenship. However, there is no direct citizenship by investment program in Paraguay.

Who can become Paraguayan citizen?

If you are not a descendant of a Paraguayan citizen or you do not intend to marry a Paraguayan citizen, then you may obtain the citizenship of Paraguay through the naturalization (nationalization) process. Multiple nationality (dual citizenship) is allowed in Paraguay. Multiple nationalities may be admitted through an international treaty by reciprocity of constitutional rank between the states of origin and Paraguay.

How can you become a citizen of Paraguay?

Permanent residents can apply for the citizenship of Paraguay after more than three years of physical residence (183+days/year) in the South American country and have exercised any profession, trade, science, art or industry in the country.

Foreigners can obtain the permanent residence permit of Paraguay under the:

Essential requisites for applicants of the Paraguayan citizenship

  • Adult persons can apply
  • Minimum three years of resident status in national territory;
  • Practice in Paraguay of some profession, trade, science, art or industry,
  • Good conduct, defined by the law

Process of obtaining the citizenship and passport in Paraguay

In Paraguay, the naturalization process’ official name is “nationalization.” The first step is an application in the Supreme Court. The whole procedure takes minimum six months but practically more.
Perhaps the most important requisite is the physical resident status during the necessary three years time. There is no exam for the citizenship, but the applicant must comply with all requirements of the Supreme Court. At the end of the successful nationalization process, the Supreme Court of Paraguay grants the “Carta de Naturalización,” which is the certificate of citizenship. The citizen receives the “Carta de Naturalización” during a formal ceremony.

How can you lose your Paraguayan citizenship?

According to the Article 150 of the National Constitution, naturalized Paraguayan citizens can lose their status because of an “unjustified absence during three consecutive years of for having decided for another nationality.” Revoking citizenships is not a usual process in Paraguay.

Necessary documents and requirements for applying and obtaining the Paraguay citizenship

  • The main applicant must be adult
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Photos
  • Original passport or another document with which you have entered the country
  • Authenticated photocopy and legalized translation of the passport
  • Certificate of Birth validated and officially translated (certified copy)
  • Certificate of Good Conduct in the country of origin (certified copy)
  • Immigration card
  • Permanent Residence Permit with the date of entry to the country
  • Health certificate
  • Certificate of Life and Residence
  • Police certificate
  • Paraguayan police certificate for foreigners
  • Criminal Record
  • Paraguayan Identity card (Cédula de Identidad), certified copy
  • Certificate of employment with the company’s official letterhead, Commercial Patent, Identification of the Unique Register of the Taxpayer -R.U.C. (tax identification number TIN)
  • If you own a registered property, accompany the authenticated certificates
  • The application must be validated by a lawyer
  • Pay the court’s fee of G. 28,062
  • Signed Affidavit issued by the Supreme Court of Justice

Most important Paraguay laws related of granting the citizenship of Paraguay for foreigners:
Article 148 Numeral 2 of the National Constitution of Paraguay and the Article 41.

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