Changes in the demonstration of economic solvency during the work-related residency processes in Paraguay!

The General Directorate of Migrations announced that they adjusted the demonstration of economic solvency of foreigners under the Permanent Admission process.  According to the official statement: "through DGM Resolution No. 230 dated 05/20/20, the requirements [...]

Faster naturalisation, citzenship and passport in Paraguay – new law proposal

The naturalisation process of Paraguay can be faster in Paraguay! According to a proposed law amendment, the commercial, and civil judges may grant the Paraguayan citizenship. The applicants may receive their certificate of naturalisation and [...]

Tropical Island Coronavirus Quarantines – Podcast

How to survive the Covid-19 quarantine on a tropical island? Tropical Island Coronavirus Quarantines - Locked up on Tropical Paradise Islands in Thailand and Paraguay - Ko Libong and Isla Bonita Chaco'í   You can [...]