Faster naturalisation, citzenship and passport in Paraguay – new law proposal

The naturalisation process of Paraguay can be faster in Paraguay! According to a proposed law amendment, the commercial, and civil judges may grant the Paraguayan citizenship. The applicants may receive their certificate of naturalisation and [...]

Tropical Island Coronavirus Quarantines – Podcast

How to survive the Covid-19 quarantine on a tropical island? Tropical Island Coronavirus Quarantines - Locked up on Tropical Paradise Islands in Thailand and Paraguay - Ko Libong and Isla Bonita Chaco'í   You can [...]

All Citizenship by Investment Programs in 2020 (15)

All Citizenship by Investment Programs in 2020! Most necessary details as the amount and options of investment, time, personal presence, official websites. As a researcher of citizenship and residency by investment programs, I published the [...]

Digital Nomad tax planning in Paraguay – tax exemption and maintenance 

Do you travel a lot and want to plan your taxes? Digital Nomads as permanent residents of Paraguay do not have to pay tax on their foreign-sourced income and must to visit Paraguay only once [...]